Episode 39

Serial Entrepreneur Michael Casey on 8dates, His Book and Intergenerational Convo

Today we are joined by Michael Casey, who is an extraordinary product developer & co-founder of a dating platform called 8Dates. Michael is TEDx speaker on “How to Design a Billion Dollar Product”. He developed, patented, and commercialized 100+ various exercise innovations. Executive Producer of over 50 long-form direct response commercials and international ad campaigns. 

His ads and campaigns have aired in 121+ worldwide markets, with sales exceeding $3 billion. Created some of the Direct Response’s most prominent global hits, including Ab Roller Plus, Ab Doer, Ab King Pro, and his latest billion-dollar product, the Ab Circle Pro.

About 8dates:
  • Initially designed with the company behind Google Maps
  • Already approved by the Apple App Store for launch
  • Completed Miratech’s international R&D development program
  • We offer different experiences to each newly matched couple

8dates is inspired by platforms like Amazon and will serve up activities and events that align with users’ interests, like Facebook. Our smart app will use machine learning to know what couples want when they first meet, and we built the app to deliver just that, a shared interest with someone you find attractive.

Interested in supporting 8dates on their way to making dating a greater experience?

Transcript of the episode:

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Alex Romanovich (00:00):
Hi, this is Alex Romanovich and welcome to GlobalEdgeTalk. Today is Monday, December 28th. We’re about to start ringing the bells for the new year 2021 after a very difficult COVID-based 2020 today. We have an amazing guest, Michael Casey. Hello, Michael.

Michael Casey (00:21):
Hi Alex. How are you?

Alex Romanovich (00:23):
Michael has been a guest of ours in the past. Today we’re going to talk to Michael about his new book that he just launched: how to launch a billion-dollar company or billion-dollar company. We’ll talk a little bit about his experience being a TEDx speaker. And most importantly, we’re going to talk about the company that he is launching on two continents, which is an affiliate marketing based dating platform, a very different dating platform, which Michael has recently launched in the United States is now launching in UK and soon to be launched in Europe. Michael, welcome to our studio. It’s amazing to have you back. And you know, I absolutely love talking about our stories, traveling together all over the world. And finally, we get to I get to catch you in this crazy 2020 year to talk about your recent experiences.

Michael Casey (01:19):
Thanks Alex. It’s great to be back. I miss traveling with you in Europe and going to all those venture conferences, but this is exciting just to be back in it a little bit with you and be talking about business again. I mean, we’ve all been locked up for eight or nine months.

Alex Romanovich (01:37):
Absolutely. It’s been a crazy year. You know, I sometimes don’t even recall whether you and I traveled in 2020, 2019 or 2018. That’s how crazy it’s been, but let’s talk about some of those things that I mentioned. You’re in Austin, Texas, which is now becoming by the way as we know from the news and you’ll Mecca for a lot of the Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley investors, and maybe some of the larger companies like Oracle and some of the other ones moving to Texas. So we’ll talk about this topic separately, but let’s first talk about your experience during this crazy year difficult year, a year in which you are launching a platform or it hasn’t been launching a platform. And let’s definitely talk about your experience in doing so tell us a few words about that.

Michael Casey (02:33):
Well, the platform that I’m watching is an affiliate program, which requires people to go out. So you and I, as you know, you helped me build this with your tech team in Ukraine. And we built the largest dating platform for affiliate marketers in the world. And right before we were about to launch, COVID hit restaurants closed. Everyone said, stay home. But the beauty of what we is, we were able to pivot to where you can meet online, have mutual interests, and what we believe is going to happen when the vaccine takes place and, and the world opens back up, I think commerce is going to be better than it ever has been in our lifetime. And we’re positioned in this beautiful spot to send out couples that get together on our platforms, to all these tremendous affiliates, you know, from British airways, all the way to, Knightsbridge in London, the beautiful Italian restaurant to, you know, Oh two arena, anything you want to do, we’re set up to do. And we’re excited that the world is going to go back to normal. Eventually. We’re not sure when in 2021, but we know at some point, but if it, but like the guys in Austin here we are just, we’re ready to go. We’re ready to travel. We’re ready to get international and restaurants are ready to start serving us again. And that’s what we built. So we’re, we’re locked and loaded.

Alex Romanovich (03:59):
I I’m, I’m certainly hopeful that with a vaccine now taking place in multiple States we will get over this major, major hump you know, the hospital ICU is being loaded and so forth and so on, but let’s talk a little bit about the model, right? So we are typically used to, when we talk about dating platforms, we’re typically used to platforms like Tinder and Bumble, and some of the other ones, you know dating.com, Anastasia dates, you know, and so forth. And you know, the variety of different models, right? The typical model for dating platforms is people, you know, connect on apps or in the community and so forth. It’s a little bit more challenging right now with COVID, but your model may be a very, kind of an interesting alternative to this type of a quick get together dating versus affiliate marketing based on the affiliate partner based model that is very respectful of the relationship building. Tell us more about that.

Michael Casey (05:11):
Yeah. thanks Alex. We, we decided to come up with a way to slow the flow down. There’s a, there’s a movie in America called Hitch, where Will Smith tells you what to do, where to go, what to say, what to wear. We don’t go to that extreme. But we, we use that movie as inspiration to help you after you match. Cause all the dating apps you mentioned when we started the podcast basically leave you alone. So I, you know, Bill, here’s Mary. Good luck. And I thought, well, boy, I need you more after I meet her than before. So we came up with a model that, that helps you after you meet her. We tell you what she likes. She knows what you like, and we’ll send you to the affiliate that fit into your profile. And we use, as you know, could you help me build it?

Michael Casey (06:02):
We use AI machine learning to, to build your profile into the perfect girl for the perfect guy. And it’s a better way to date because we all need help and slow it down. You know, take the pressure off of both people and follow the ADA flow. And we based it on his study that it takes eight dates to really vet somebody. And it’s kind of fun because the first couple of dates are just get together, coffee meet, and then next day might be coffee and dinner and a walk. And when you get to five, six, seven, and eight, you’re having dinners at each other’s houses with hello, fresh and blue apron. And maybe on day seven, you’re going to a BNB with some of our affiliates and date. Maybe they tenured at the Wynn in Las Vegas. You know, if you’re, if you’re in the U S side of the affiliate programs in the UK, you might bounce into Ireland from London for the, for the weekend. And you know, the option of having separate rooms is still always there, but let’s face it. If you’re on eight dates with somebody, you probably have somebody pretty special.

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