Episode 35

Mirjana Prokic: The Founder of hangAIR Global on Life-changing Experiences

Mirjana Prokic is a former CMO for global businesses in manufacturing. Award winner, SME’ turnarounds specialist. Strong network across different industries and geographies.

I am the Founder of hangAIR Global, former Chief Marketing Officer and Business Strategy Consultant with 18 years of outstanding performance successfully managing Global and Regional B2B and B2C sales and marketing ecosystems for diverse companies and industries: specialist chemicals, premium consumer brands, commercial/industrial goods and marketing agencies.

My career journey have enabled me to become very effective in a successful transformation of traditional business models into digital commerce and business turnarounds. Spending many years in global roles, I became an effective communicator with people from different cultures, speaking different languages, helping them to maximise their results. 

Collecting all these experiences, skills and understandings of how to develop an idea, see it through an extensive R&D process, market it and scale it for future sustainable growth, has led me to pursue my own dream and start hangAIR Global with the main aim – to help 3 billion people around the world breathe, sleep and reset anywhere anytime. I am an awarded Chief Marketing Officer by The CMO Club.

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Alex Romanovich (00:01):
Hi, this is Alex Romanovich and welcome to GlobalEdgeTalk. Today’s October 15th, 2020. And today we have an amazing guest by the name of Mirjana Prokic. She is the founder and the CEO of hangAIR Global. She’s the former global CMO of multi-billion dollar companies. And we will talk today about her journey, her path to entrepreneurship. Hello Mirjana.

Mirjana Prokic (00:28):
Hello Alex. It’s pleasure to be part of this amazing podcast.

Alex Romanovich (00:34):
We are very happy to have you here as well. And also with us, we have my co-hosts Pauline Sushko, also dialing in from central and Eastern Europe. Hi Pauline.

Pauline Sushko (00:46):
Hi Alex. Great to be here.

Alex Romanovich (00:48):
Excellent. Why don’t we begin to talk about Mirjana, you first and foremost? It is my understanding of, well, first of all, you and I have known each other from the Chief Marketing Officer’s club and a few other encounters. You’re UK based, you’re in London, but you’re originally from Serbia from what I understand, right?

Mirjana Prokic (01:09):
Yes, that’s correct. I was born and raised in Serbia until I was just finishing my uni and then traveled with my parents all over the places and lived in various countries and then went back to Serbia. And then I ended up in UK where I am now a full time resident and British, so Serbian and British. So yeah, this is my home now.

Alex Romanovich (01:40):
Awesome. you had a very interesting career hit, a very interesting path. You after completing university, you’re started with a number of large firms and by far the largest firms you’ve worked for as a sales and marketing director was Valspar in UK. And then you continued on with Farecla products limited, which is another very large firm also in London. And then you decided to give up the corporate world if you will, and decided to become an entrepreneur, decided to become a the owner of a very amazing, very interesting company, which we’ll talk about hangAIR. So, first of all, let’s talk about that move, right, in general, why did you move from corporate?

Mirjana Prokic (02:38):
Ooh it’s always interesting question and I always get that asked and it’s simple answer, I guess life took me through different corporations and one of the major issues I always experienced was that, how to call it, a worm inside of me wanting to do something on my own, being from the family wantrepreneurs. My, as my father was, as my granddad was, but there was always something I was never ready for. Actually I was ready, but there is always a journey that you need to go through in order to feel, yeah, that’s the moment I need to do it. On the other hand, there are also many different happenings in my life that brought me to that decision. And one of them was you know, trying to be mom being in a long relationship for, for a while.

Mirjana Prokic (03:46):
And then not really succeeding in that. And then there was a moment when I just thought phew, so what do I do now? I am not fulfilled with the well-paid job, traveling around the world all the time being in the best hotels, you know top level conferences and summits and meeting amazing people, but there was always something missing. There was a emptiness, which brought me to another level of burnout, I would say as well because of another factor that brought me to that, which was traveling around the world all the time, sleep deprived, jet lagged, and always pushing myself to perform at my best capacities. And you can only do that as, you know, as long as you can, but actually there is a moment in your life that your body just says, okay, that’s enough.

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