Episode 6

Michael Casey: Developer and Inventor on How to Design a Billion Dollar Product

Developed, patented, and commercialized 100+ various exercise innovations. Executive Producer of over 50 long-form direct response commercials and international ad campaigns. Facebook targeting and product specialist whose signature marketing plan Facebook2Amazon™ has helped brands globally increase online sales. His ads and campaigns have aired in 121+ worldwide markets, with sales exceeding $3 billion. Created some of the Direct Response’s most prominent global hits, including Ab Roller Plus, Ab Doer, Ab King Pro, and his latest billion-dollar product, the Ab Circle Pro.

Has spent over 30 years in China developing products and setting up new factories for the direct response and global retail markets. Featured speaker at major universities in China and the U.S. on the details of skills needed to create your product from concept to consumer for a worldwide audience.

In 2017 ventured into the tech space by merging his global affiliate network with ai/machine learning in the mobile app space and created 8dates., the world’s first dating app that takes over after the match and recommends events and activities. Approved by Apple and currently launched in the App Store.

I have sold 40,000 units for $200 each in under 24 hours on The Home Shopping Network back in 2011, adding to his already recording-breaking fitness sales at the network since 1994. I have created Pür Minerals® with the Home Shopping Network, the $500M line of women’s mineral cosmetics that was acquired by Astral Brands back in 2004.
— Michael Casey

His current role is acting CEO of 8dates and board chair of Ab Winner, LLC, his global fitness company that just launched TOTAL10™ and Fit Swing Pro™ exercise innovations utilizing his trademarked Facebook2Amazon™ marketing technique.

TED speaker on “How to Design a Billion Dollar Product” with a book of the same title due out in early 2020.

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Alex Romanovich (00:42):
Hi, this is Alex Romanovich, and welcome to GlobalEdgeTalk. Today we have a wonderful, wonderful guest, Michael Casey. Michael is a well-known Ted speaker. Michael is a well-known entrepreneur in sports equipment and fitness equipment. Michael just recently wrote a book which we will talk about some more. I don’t want to disclose the title of it just yet. Michael was also the CEO and president of the next generation dating cycle 8dates. We’ll talk more about this as well. And Michael is a wonderful, wonderful friend. Michael, welcome to our studio.

Michael Casey (01:25):
Hi, thanks for having me.

Alex Romanovich (01:26):
Michael, welcome to our studio. First and foremost, I’d like to ask you to talk a little bit about yourself. You have such an amazing background. You’re kind of a multicultural and global guy. You’ve come from a family that is multicultural. Please, say a few words about that. About your childhood, about your growing up, traveled the world. You’ve been all over the place: in China, and Europe, in South America everywhere. You’ve done some incredible, incredible things. You’ve met some very famous people. You’ve made some money with very famous people. So you have a very decorated career, and we’d love to learn more about this. Please, say a few your words about your childhood, about the early days of your career.

Michael Casey (02:11):
Well, thank you for the nice introduction. Let’s hope I can live up to that. I grew up in a small town in Youngstown, Ohio, a small town in Ohio, Youngstown is blue-collar, all steel mills. And I had one of the few fathers that did not work in the steel mill. He was a fireman. So I learned at a very early age about serving and giving back. And I had a very unique family. I had a mother who was from Lebanon and at the time Lebanese married Lebanese, they didn’t marry Irish men who liked to drink. So my father’s family comes from the West coast of Ireland his mother and father. So we had a very unique set of backgrounds on both sides. One side goes along, everybody was happy, drank, smiled. The other side, everybody fought all the time and wanted to kill each other. And guess what side that was? I’ll let you guys figure that out. But the Lebanese taught me, I believe how to be a merchant and my dad’s side taught me how to be humble. So that combination pretty much set me on a path that I knew I was going to do something entrepreneurial and I knew I was going to try to help people.

Michael Casey (03:24):
So I remember in high school I played sports and I really enjoyed working out in the fitness products. And I always thought, why are these things so archaic? It was like 1960 and then it was 1970 and we’re working on our 1950 equipment. And then the ’80s came and I started to redesign things, and people started to want to buy it. And that’s when I knew there’s a business here. And I thought it was a global business. And with the background, I had from my family where my uncles and my cousins were all merchants from Lebanon and all of them were entrepreneurs. And then my dad was always helping people from his farm. And back when I thought, well, I don’t want to sell cigarettes and liquor and bad things. Fitness is a good thing. So I figured, let me go into this business. It’ll help people, I could have fun doing it. And more importantly, I could make money at it if I do it, right? So that’s what I did. I started in 1983 and I’d been doing the same thing ever since. And it’s 2020 right now.

Alex Romanovich (04:27):
So, Michael, that’s great. So let’s talk a little bit about the product itself or the products that you’ve designed and built in China, the Ab Circle Pro and the Ab King Pro. My understanding is that it’s a very successful line of products and a lot of famous people are using it. The Bush family, the Obama family, even president Vladimir Putin is using the Ab King Pro, which is incredible. So what’s next, or first of all, the impact of coronavirus, the tremendous amount of shift in thinking, in manufacturing potentially, or will it stay the same? Will it stay in China? And what are you planning to do to diversify your manufacturing capabilities? Are you going to move manufacturing? Are you going to stick around, what are you going to do in terms of planning? Tell us a few words about that.

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