Episode 22

Kate Gaffin: A Lifelong Entrepreneur on Making Selling Comfortable and Moving to Bali

In this episode of Global Edge Talk we’re joined by the wonderful Kate Gaffin!

Do you ever feel like selling what you do is the hardest part of what you do? Or that you are constantly in ‘chase’ mode to get prospects to say ‘yes?’

And, if you do feel like this, you know how discouraging and draining it is. This is is where I come in. I train Coaches, Consultants and Experts how to make selling more comfortable, more conversational, more enjoyable. This then has them making much higher revenues as more deals get signed.

I do this by not only training on the basics but by training on the Human element of selling, a side so often overlooked. When you understand the emotional reasons why people not only want to buy, but want to buy from you, your business will be transformed.

Now a little more about me and my own.

I am a lifelong entrepreneur having worked across many different industries and with clients as diverse as The British Consulate, The National Army Guard, Nordstrom, Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and MTV. And I’ve been featured on Fox News in a story called ‘Networking From the Heart’ and quoted in the Wall Street Journal.

Not one needing to ‘know it all’ before beginning a new venture, I have stepped into many areas, creating businesses from scratch while always placing a premium focus on the ‘customer/client experience’ with my products and services. One of my favorite businesses was a company called Beautiful Futures, a children’s merchandising concept celebrating my belief that ‘Everything is Possible.’ Beautiful Futures was sold in high end boutiques and prestigious museums across North America and Asia and had a steady stream of online customers across the globe.

Currently, I focus on Entrepreneurial Community Building and I am gearing up to launch a new online membership community with an offline component. This community will be inspiring, juicy, slightly irreverent and one where a lot of amazing alliances will be created.

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Transcript of the episode:

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Alex Romanovich (00:00):
Hi everybody. This is Alex Romanovich with GlobalEdgeTalk. And today we have a wonderful guest, Kate Gaffin, calling from Bali. Hello, Kate.

Kate Gaffin (00:10):
Hi, Alex. Nice to be here.

Alex Romanovich (00:14):
Wonderful. We’re going to talk about you. And so I’m not going to steal a lot of thunder and only to give you a little bit of an introduction. Today’s 18th of June, 2020, I’m in New York City. You’re in Bali, halfway around the world, which is incredible. We’re going to talk about entrepreneurship. You’ve escaped to the other part of the world from Manhattan, from New York, from the United States, your lifestyle, the lifestyle of your friends, what you’re doing out there, and our entrepreneurs and followers are going to really enjoy this. So welcome.

Kate Gaffin (00:48):
Thank you.

Alex Romanovich (00:48):
Well, let’s talk a little bit about your past, how it all started. From what I understand, you had a very interesting career. You’re a New York-born and raised, NYU grad, worked with wonderful companies like Princeton Review, and C Technologies, and HP, and a few others. And one day you were entrepreneurial inside of large corporations. You were a corporate person as well. And one day you decided, I’ve had enough of it. I decided to open something of my own. Your latest venture is ‘human to human’ selling, which is what you’re doing right now, all over the world, literally, and putting together some really incredible sales trading modules and workshops for people who travel or people who don’t travel, who can reach out to you virtually. Tell us what happened.

Kate Gaffin (01:47):
Well, I’m telling you upfront, I was a diehard New York City person. I never thought, that I would live anywhere else. My family never retired to Florida. We were all diehard New Yorkers. I didn’t think anybody would want to live anywhere else but in New York, I thought it had it all. But it started feeling really crowded and crazy expensive. And I had a very prestigious networking group, business networking group. I ran it for seven years and I started teaching. I started presenting at the meetings and then I started doing it online. And within about eight or nine months, I realized, wow, this is a steady source of income here. And I don’t need to be sitting in this teensy-weensy, overprice New York City apartment anymore. And literally 30 days later, I was in Bali and I’ve come here a lot, but I also spent a lot of time in Europe, and New Zealand Australia.

Kate Gaffin (02:37):
So, I’m traveling where my heart leads me and where is the halfway decent wifi. And that’s really what the decision was. If you can do something like that today, why not? We have so many resources at our fingertips with the internet and everything is so connected. It’s not really as difficult as it was in the old days, calling up travel agents and getting faxes, and waiting five days to book anything. You can book a trip like this in seven minutes. And that’s really how it started. I didn’t know how long I would be gone, but I just started going to one country, to the next, to the next. And lo and behold, I’m just starting my fourth year in this lifestyle.

Alex Romanovich (03:16):
I just want to tell our audience that would be what’s behind you is not a virtual Zoom background. It is real. You’re in Bali. Look at this. This is amazing. So tell me, how does this work? I mean, you and this is prior to COVID, we’ll talk more about COVID and what that has done to the overall, traveling and workshopping and so forth. But, prior to COVID, you would put together a sales training curriculum, I guess, and a module. And then you would hold that training retreat, I guess, somewhere in an exotic place like this. And how does this work? Tell us more about this.

Kate Gaffin (03:56):
Yeah. My trainings are all virtual, so I’m not doing any in-person trainings. I mean, there have been some countries where just through networking, I’ve met people, headed up check groups and other entrepreneurial groups, and they’ve invited me to present on certain topics, but that’s not the norm. So I do webinars and I teach on a topic and then I offer a course at the end and it’s a typical final. It’s a lower priced course. And then you start romancing people along. Some people will move into more expensive types of programs. So they’re all virtual type programs done over Zoom, and I hosted on an online course. I just have an umbrella because it’s raining a little just for everybody wondering what that thing over my head is. So yeah, it’s about 95% virtual. And again, the resources are there, the tech has gotten much easier. I market to seven English-speaking countries and my focus is on small businesses and that’s about 90%. The other portion is people that work in sales for bigger companies. So now I have quite a lot of subscribers and I have a big community and I can put out courses when I get inspired to do so. That’s how I’m earning my income now. It’s very cool. And there’s quite a lot of people doing it around the world with courses

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