Episode 13

Jeffrey Merrihue: Founder of XtremeFoodies on Being an Entrepreneur

Jeffrey Merrihue is the founder of XtremeFoodies which is the world’s largest network of local food experts.

He is also the founder of Mofilm, which is a company that provides short-form videos to big brands like Coca-Cola, Visa and PlayStation as well as The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

He has eaten at all 135 restaurants that have been on the World’s 50 Best lists since 2005. After 30 years living in Europe and Latin America, his wife and three kids have moved to Los Angeles to enjoy the weather, the epic Chinese and Korean food, and…oh…those tacos!

Also, look for Jeffrey who is a judge on Iron Chef Canada. Follow him on Instagram @jeffrey_merrihue

Currently assisting the World 50 in connecting their alumni network of the world’s most influential senior executives.

Jeffrey can be found operating out of his restaurant: Heroic Italian in Santa Monica, California. 

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Alex Romanovich (00:00):
Hi, this is Alex Romanovich, and welcome to GlobalEdgeTalk. Today is May 5th, 2020. And today we have a very, very special guest, a good friend, Jeffrey Merrihue. Welcome, Jeffrey.

Jeffrey Merrihue (00:12):
Welcome, Alex. Happy Cinco de Mayo.

Alex Romanovich (00:15):
Happy Cinco de Mayo. Today is Cinco de Mayo. And we’re a privilege to speak with Jeffrey. Let me just tell you quickly about Jeffrey and his tenure. He started as a corporate executive and spent a lot of time at Accenture of all places as the managing partner and the later CEO of one of the most important practice areas in marketing globally. He speaks multiple languages. He, later on, moved on to start his own venture called Mofilm`, which aggregated a lot of global video talent and helped major-major corporations leverage that talent and leverage that content. He helped, by the way, quite a bit to our mutual friend, he provided a lot of help to the CMO Club, chief marketing officer’s club. He was a very big part of that. Later on, and now he is a connoisseur, an entrepreneur, and restaurant tour of the famous Heroic Italian, one of the top Italian restaurants in Santa Monica, California, and is leading the charge in that segment in the entire Los Angeles County. Jeffrey, this is an amazing, amazing career, amazing path. We want to talk about this for sure.

Jeffrey Merrihue (01:35):
Well, thank you, Alex. Kindly words.

Alex Romanovich (01:37):
First word. The first question I want to ask of you is how does one go from being a partner at Accenture and then of course becoming an entrepreneur, but still continuing to work with major, major brands and then becoming a foodie, becoming a restaurant tour, becoming an Iron Chef judge in Canada and traveling the world. How does all of this fit? Tell us.

Jeffrey Merrihue (02:04):
Well, we have to rewind 55 years or 50, when I was 5 years old and two things were happening. Number one, my playroom was my family’s kitchen, my mom, my aunt, everybody in my family was a cook. So I didn’t have a playroom. I had played around the kitchen and help mix things, and start the sauce. And for me, those were my toys. And secondly, I was always trying to make money and I did things like going door to door selling seeds to win a bicycle. Then I collected comic books. I went to comic book conventions and I bought, sold and traded them. And then I sold t-shirts at rock concerts with dubious legitimacy, finally, I landed in a place called Babson College. I was very fortunate because for those of you that don’t know, Babson is the number one school for entrepreneurship in the world and it’s held that title for decades and decades.

Jeffrey Merrihue (03:12):
So while other schools go up and down the various rankings, Babson has had an iron-clad grip on the number one place for entrepreneurship. And it was very well suited for my early entrepreneurial schemes, and plans, and desires. So I came out of there and went to work corporate first at Nabisco in Barcelona. And then went through a number of countries like Canada, and Ecuador, and Venezuela, Milan, Italy. And then I went on to work at Kellogg’s, worked again in multiple international locations, like Columbia, Manchester, England, and so on and so forth. And I think that people from the outside looked at me and said, well, they didn’t know what I’d done entrepreneurially with comic books, and t-shirts, and seeds and stuff like that, all they knew was, oh, Jeffrey works for Nabisco, Jeffrey works for Kellogg’s, and then, as you mentioned, went on to Accenture.

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