Episode 1

GlobalEdgeTalk: Introduction

In this podcast trailer you’ll hear the host of Global Edge Talk, Alex Romanovich, speak about the idea behind this podcast.

Global Edge Talk is all about global entrepreneurs, executives, and innovators. In our episodes, we will be combining the best of storytelling with the richness of our guests’ experiences in business, market-entry, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle.

In every episode, Alex is going to be talking to entrepreneurs from all over the world on their success stories.

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Other Epsodes

Episode 2

Disruptive Visionary on Innovation and Transforming Industries Worldwide
Duration: 31:01

Episode 3

On Coronavirus Outbreak and Healthcare System in the US

Duration: 55:50

Episode 4

Former President of Apple on Global Hi-Tech Business, Global Operations, Marketing and Sales
Duration: 35:22

Episode 5

Self-Published Author and Blogger on Discovering Your True Potential
Duration: 22:10

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Founder/CEO of tritiumDX. Marketer. Technologist. Foodie. Music Lover. Explorer. World Traveler. Story Teller. Dad.


Marketing and Community Engagement Director. Published Author & Blogger with an MBA. Lover of all things creative.