Episode 33

Gil Petersil: Networking Coach on Living with Passion

Gil Petersil, networking mastery coach, serial entrepreneur and a passionate accelerator of people.
After living, studying and working in Israel, Canada, England and Russia, Gil uses his broad knowledge and experience to enable both people and businesses to flourish through the Mastery of Strategic Networking.
He is an engaging speaker who shared stage with such legends as Brian Tracy, Allan Pease, Keith Ferrazzi, Robert Cialdini, Michael Roach and Jordan Belford.


I am a global expert on business strategy, effective networking, and successful partnership formulas. My whole life is about serving people and helping them to achieve any goal, building relationships on the basis of mutual value.

I love learning from others, facilitating introduction, teaching through “Edutainment” methodology and “Gamifying”. Friends call me an adventurous coach, global thinker, serial entrepreneur and a passionate accelerator of people. 

Key details:  
– Co-owner of a group of companies MeetPartners, a leader in the fields of personal development, business events, and educational tourism 
– Exclusive representative of Tony Robbins in Russia 
– №1 partner to international educational company Success Resources
– Mentor of 1000+ startups in various fields
– Speaker at 300+ international events
– Business coach with 20+ years of experience in a corporate world 

After living, studying and working in Israel, Canada, USA, England, Russia, and Singapore I use my broad knowledge in human psychology, creative marketing mindset and a multitude of business experience to help both people and businesses to grow with a clear understanding of their milestones, lifestyle environment, and simple motivation strategies. 

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Alex Romanovich (00:00):
Hello, this is Alex Romanovich, and welcome to our next edition of GlobalEdgeTalk. Today we’re with Gil Petersil from Bali. Of course, he is a world citizen. He will tell us more about where he is typically, but of course, we’re in the midst of the COVID pandemic and he will tell us about his selection for the destination. But let me do a very quick introduction because this is a very interesting individual, very accomplished. Gil Petersil is an international expert on business strategy, effective networking mastermind methodology. He is a passionate student of human networking. He co-own seven international businesses. He is a leading regional partner for Tony Robbins. Remember him? Tony is still going strong. Love Tony. We’ll talk about Tony as well. Gil is a visiting professor at multiple global universities. We’ll talk more about this. He is a book writer and author of a book called New Code of Networking, which is going to be fascinating to talk about, the bestselling author, and I guess we’ll talk more about if there are any other books that are coming down the pike as well. He is a serial entrepreneur with 200 plus mentored companies and continuing. And he is an amazing presenter, he presented at over a thousand events, completed 150 interviews. This is going to be one of those interviews, and we’ll talk a lot about Gil. Gil, welcome to our studio.

Gil Petersil (01:38):
Hey, Alex. Thanks a lot for having me.

Alex Romanovich (01:40):
So first of all, how’s the weather in Bali and let’s talk a little bit about your selection for this destination.

Gil Petersil (01:48):
Well, the weather in Bali is always incredible. The sky is blue, a few clouds that are out there are beautiful and white. I’m looking at palm trees right in front of me. I have a swimming pool outside of the office, and I got two running rivers within a hundred meters away from where I’m sitting right now. So I really can’t complain, to be honest.

Alex Romanovich (02:08):
So it’s a disaster of a location, I guess.

Gil Petersil (02:11):
Oh my goodness. I’m really grateful that my family and I made the decision to stay here when COVID hit the world, because what I’m told right now is this is Bali like it was 30 years ago, which is pretty much empty, no traffic, not too many people. It went from millions of tourists coming here regularly and have hundreds of thousands of people on the streets, they literally have thousands of foreigners actually being stuck here in total, which is quite unique situation to be here.

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