Episode 32

An Artist, My Journey, A Papal Visit and The Abraham Accords with Sleem Hasan

Sleem Hasan is an Experienced Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the venture capital and private equity industry. Skilled in Investor Relations, Securities, Asset Management, Investment Advisory, and Mutual Funds. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a Part III Mathematical Tripos focused in Physical Applied Mathematics from University of Cambridge.

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Here is a timeline of my journey with Ralph Heimans(“RH”):

2001 Met RH in London after 3 attempts and commissioned him on the spot to do my portrait(see www.privitylle.com About Us)
2005 RH lands his first commission in MENA/GCC/UAE- “The Dialogue”, subject matter focusing on interfaith and depicting the region(inside of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem). Upon delivery of this painting, the client does a volte-face and rejects the painting which I end up acquiring.
2006 RH lands his first royal commission- HRH Princess Mary of Denmark
2012 RH gets commissioned by Buckingham Palace to paint Her Majesty QE2 for her Diamond Jubilee
2017 “Interfaith Art” an article published in Harpers Bazaar Arabia by Rebecca Ann Proctor(former Editor-in-Chief) that documents RH’s journey with me
Feb 2019 Pope Francis visits UAE for the first time and conducts a mass in Abu Dhabi catering to over 100,000 Catholics/Christians, an event that received worldwide press. The Pope focused on “interfaith dialogue” and UAE announced after his visit to build a mosque, church & synagogue in Abu Dhabi and build a museum focusing on interfaith art
Dec 2019 RH gets invited back to the UAE by the Ministry of Culture & Knowledge Development and spends a week between Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Dubai
13th August 2020  UAE & Israel announce “historic deal”

15th September 2020 UAE & Israel sign the “Abraham Accords” at the White House in the presence of President Trump

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