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Episode 1

Listen to the host of GlobalEdgeTalk speak about the idea behind this podcast

Duration: 06:28

Episode 2

Disruptive visionary on innovation and transforming industries worldwide

Duration: 55:50

Episode 3

On Coronavirus Outbreak and Healthcare System in the US

Duration: 55:50

Episode 4

Former President of Apple on Global Business, Global Operations, Marketing and Sales

Duration: 35:22

Episode 5

Self-Published Author and Blogger on Discovering Your True Potential

Duration: 22:10

Episode 6

Developer and Inventor on How to Design a Billion Dollar Product

Duration: 46:11

Episode 13

Founder of XtremeFoodies on being an entrepreneur

Duration: 38:19

Episode 14

From M&A and operations executive to growth minded global consultant

Duration: 28:08

Episode 16

Cancer survivor, self-made entrepreneur on data science and crowdfunding

Duration: 30:00

Episode 18

PR expert on protests in the US, Brexit and cultural differences

Duration: 33:39

Episode 19

On choosing a healthier lifestyle and discovering her passion for haute cuisine

Duration: 36:25

Episode 21

Global entrepreneur on angel investing and working with startups

Duration: 52:55

Episode 22

A lifelong entrepreneur on making selling comfortable and moving to Bali

Duration: 40:44

Episode 23

On investment banking, Japanese culture and being an optimist

Duration: 38:20

Episode 26

The impact of technology on society

Duration: 30:08

Episode 27

The father of startups on his risk-taking approach to life

Duration: 43:38

Episode 28

On Neuroscience and Behavioral Psychology. Learn the power of your brain!

Duration: 39:07

Episode 29

America’s #1 Small Business Expert on What You Can Do to Save Your Business After COVID-19

Duration: 27:29

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Founder/CEO of tritiumDX. Marketer. Technologist. Foodie. Music Lover. Explorer. World Traveler. Story Teller. Dad.


Marketing and Community Engagement Director. Published Author & Blogger with an MBA. Lover of all things creative.