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Alex Romanovich

Host of GlobalEdgeTalk


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Episode 29

America’s #1 Small Business Expert on What You Can Do to Save Your Business After COVID-19

Duration: 27:29

Episode 28

On Neuroscience and Behavioral Psychology. Learn the power of your brain!

Duration: 39:07

Episode 27

The father of startups on his risk-taking approach to life.

Duration: 43:38

Episode 26

The impact of technology on society. Tip: it’s much bigger than you may think.

Duration: 30:08

Episode 23

On investment banking, Japanese culture and being an optimist

Duration: 38:20

Episode 22

Kate Gaffin

A lifelong entrepreneur on making selling comfortable and moving to Bali

Duration: 40:44



Alex and Dr. Wendy Tong, MD MHA, talk about the recent events related to the COVID-19 pandemic happening all over the world and discuss things like healthcare, eldercare and keeping your loved ones safe. Join the weekly COVIDConvo to stay informed!

Introduction and talking about the recent events related to CIVID-19

Duration: 15:23

The tale of two cities: New York VS. Hong Kong

Duration: 18:34

The risks of the second wave of coronavirus

Duration: 13:19

Edgy Entrepreneurs

Listen to the most amazing entrepreneurs talk about their experiences in the corporate world, business ideas, and success stories! If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or hardened enterprise global executive  – these episodes are for you!

Developer and Inventor on How to Design a Billion Dollar Product

Duration: 46:11

PR expert on protests in the US, Brexit and cultural differences

Duration: 33:39

Founder of XtremeFoodies on being an entrepreneur

Duration: 38:19

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